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Arena 1, St. Vlas - Furnished one bedroom apartment - located next to the Sea - and the marina


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Reference number 1141
Property types  Apartments with seaview
City / Village: St. Vlas
Deal type 1 bedroom
Bedrooms: 1
Bathrooms: 1
View: Black Sea
Floors: 4
Number of viewers: 4144

"Arena" is situated in south regulation extension of Saint Vlas. It is one of the largest living structures in the area. It is connected to the yacht port Marina Dinevi-Saint Vlas, which has a capacity of over 300 yachts.

The plot is situated on an existing gully, and has a steep slope to the south. It is situated between 4 and 40 horizontal above the sea level. A technical solution has been found to lead the rain waters out of the area, preserving the natural drain-pipe below the road, in the lowest part of the gully. The rain waters will be collected in tanks, which will be used to settle the waters down.

The urbanity model has been set using free architectural spaces of different storeys, situated around green inner spaces with rock-gardens.

Because of its length (335 m.), the settlement “Arena” is divided in two parts. Public establishments, serving the settlement, are situated in the middle part.

The structure, intended for living, consists of 12 buildings- 6 in the south and 6 in the north part of the settlement. There are 197 apartments.

The public centre which is situated in the middle of the settlement, is defined as building 7 and it has an open amphitheatre, SPA centre, fitness centre, disco, supermarket, a centre for children, an observatory, as well as their subsidiary and store premises.

Just above the public establishment, a church is built. The settlement has 75 parking places, situated in its upper part.